Oreo Concept 2023
A Millennials Guide to Chicago | Book Concept
Salt Shed
Film Camera Sticker Collection
This is a collection of film stickers I've Illustrated and made into premium vinyl water resistant stickers. Stickers were illustrated in Adobe Illustrator and designed for web and sticker usage. Stickers self cut with vinyl cutting machine.
Retail Space Mockups 2022 Collection
During my time at an architectural rendering and marketing firm as a 2D Architectural Visualizations Artist, I worked closely with real estate agencies to create high quality renderings of retail spaces that they would use to pitch to retailers. While those images are available only under request due to NDA security purposes, here is a growing collection of renderings I have created in my free time very similar to what I would do at the agency. In these images, I have rendered various retailers including interiors. exterior and interior signage, and building enhancement if necessary.
Film Wave Monthly Subscription Concept 2022
Valencia Moda - Luxury Streetwear Concept 2022
High end luxury streetwear branding, identity, and retail space concept design.
Hempology - Cannabis Dispensary Concept 2022
Branding, identity, and storefront design for a conceptual cannabis dispensary
Bucket Head Decks - Skateboard Branding Concept 2022
Branding design and retail space design for a conceptual skateboard deck company, "Bucket Head Decks."
Art Heaux Magazine Concept 2022
Art Heaux Magazine is an art magazine concept created to showcase visual artists of all mediums.
Pocket Crust LLC - Creative Agency Brand Concept 2022
A fictitious creative agency branding exercise focusing on a youthful and minimalistic approach to a creative agencies brand identity.
Haru - Natural Deodorant Brand Concept 2022
A fictitious all natural deodorant conceptualized and designed by Gryphon Halley
Pretty Cool Ice Cream Rebrand 2022
An overall brand redesign for Chicago ice cream shop, Pretty Cool Ice Cream with a focus on LGBTQIA+ representation for Pride Month. 
Gryphon Halley Business Card Concept 2022
A 2022 redesign of fine art photographer and graphic artist Gryphon Halley's business cards.
Designer Shoe Illustrations 2021
Designer Shoe Illustrations mixed with elements of surrealism
Reclamation 2022
Americans spend billions of dollars per year on luxury goods, often up to $1,000 USD per item for product that was given to us for free by the earth. "Reclamation" is the idea of allowing nature to repossess these items that we once sold for profit. Marketing wants you to buy what’s naturally yours, when our earth is the luxury your money should nourish.
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